Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately...

1) Having watched Skyfall last weekend I have to say that just once I'd love to see James Bond jump into a boat / car / motorcycle that he doesn't instinctively know how to operate. While I really enjoyed watching Daniel Craig wearing a very nice suit and operating a backhoe, my farmer-girl suspension of disbelief hit a serious bump. Those things are NOT easy to operate.

2) I also watched quite a bit of professional boxing this weekend. Instead of all the posturing and grunting, I think it'd be totally awesome to see a boxer who apologized to their opponent every time they got a good hit in.

3) I have an issue with cereal milk. When I get to the bottom of my bowl and still have milk left, it tastes fresh and cold. But when I go ahead and put more cereal in there it tastes lukewarm. This makes no sense to me.