Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately:

1) Technology is great, until it is not. We want everything fast, and we want it now, and if it doesn't happen immediately we wait a bit and then walk away from it, or make it refresh. However, usually some time has passed before we hit the irritation point of walking away while something "processes." *Technically* this makes no sense, as whatever we're waiting is closer than it was before our irritation set in.

2) Men like boobs. Not a revelation, I know. But men definitely have the leg up (ha ha) on women when it comes to the dating arena. One glance at us and they know our boob size. We don't find out their measurements until we're at intimate stages. The only solutions I have for this is a massive social revolution where men wear penis identification badges on their chests at all times, or it is illegal for a man to glance at a woman's chest until he's decided he likes her for her personality. I don't see either of these things happening.

3) If dust really is 80% comprised of dead skin cells, then why is there dust in my house after the whole family has been on vacation for a week?