Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately:

1) I get a lot of reactions to my Tweets and FB posts. People seem to think my life is interesting - it's really not, I just make it sound that way. For instance last week I chased the Goodyear blimp and dropped my cell into a vat of boiling water. All true. Is it amazing or interesting? No, not really. I think it's human nature to chase blimps, and dropping things is a constant. The boiling water comes as a by-blow of canning tomatoes. It's the dichotomy of the two things when placed side by side that makes me sound fun :)

2) So in today's world we've got genetically modified foods like tomatoes that ripen more quickly and stay firm longer and corn that can defend itself against pests. So why hasn't anyone made lawn grass that only grows to a certain length?

3) Hey ladies - why the hell do we open our mouths while we put mascara on? What's up with that? Have you ever tried NOT to open your mouth when putting mascara on? Not possible. It's like a biological imperative.