Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately...

1) I've been in Cincinnati three times this week. Every time I think, "Not the Queen City... the Khaleesi City."

2) I was wearing slingback heels, carrying 50 pounds of reference books and trying to point out a book on the bottom shelf for a patron with my toe earlier this week when I fell over. Completely over. Ass in the air, skirt around my face over. These were 5th grade girls so there was a lot of sweet concern, followed by giggling. And I'm thinking, "They just saw my underwear, and now we're all standing here trying to continue a conversation about books while everyone is thinking, "OMG I JUST SAW HER UNDERWEAR." Honestly, I just wanted to say, "Hey let's talk about the fact that you just saw my underwear and get it out of the way."

3) It's Spirit Week at my school and today's theme is Hollywood. Everyone is glammed up. I'm wearing jeans and a hoodie and telling everyone I'm in the remake of The Outsiders.