Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts Lately:

1) I want to learn another language. Thoroughly. I used to speak passable French, but I believe it's all leaked out of me since college. I also learned Koine Greek as a Religion major, but again, I believe it may have left me. Koine Greek is very much a dead language, so I don't get to practice speaking it a lot, which is where mastery comes from. I still have my textbook though, so I see myself diving back into that. I also want to learn Gaelic (or "Irish" as Google Translate calls it). Yes, I'm totally devoted to learning more things that will probably never serve a useful purpose in my daily life.

2) Related to my urge to speak Gaelic; I want to trace my Irish ancestry back to the homeland. I've managed to track the slippery McGinnis line to about 1775, and we're still in America. Pennsylvania, to be precise. Apparently we got on that boat early (knee-slapper!). I've been dead-ended in PA for about three years and need to relaunch myself in the genealogy arena. My German line was pretty thoroughly researched before I even came along, and by that I mean thoroughly. Like 15th century thoroughly.

3) I'm going to pick up playing piano again. I used to be decent. No prodigy, but better than your average stray animal.