Announcing My New Book Deal!

If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook you know that last week I signed a two book deal with Putnam for GIVEN TO THE SEA, the first of an epic, multiple POV, fantasy series set on an island of rising tides, where tribes battle for resources, unexpected alliances are forged, and love bends to the whims of war.

Yes, it's true I'm jumping genres yet again. I started out with post-apoc survival for both NOT A DROP TO DRINK & IN A HANDFUL OF DUST, veered over to Gothic historical thriller with A MADNESS SO DISCREET, and will be dishing out a really dark contemporary for you in Fall of 2016 from Katherine Tegen, tentatively titled THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES.

I feel very lucky that publishing has trusted me to hop around with my stories. My brain likes to churn out books, but it's never been fond of staying on any one particular path. Hopefully my readers have similarly chaotic reading tastes that like to bounce around and see what's going on elsewhere in the world... even totally different worlds.