Announcing the Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire Podcast

In 2010 I signed with a literary agent after having spent ten years in the query trenches. Many of the mistakes I made were easily avoided, and I probably could have been published much more quickly if I'd done the necessary research. After learning the ropes through a large and scattered network of writer sites, blogs, and forums, I had finally found a measure of success.

I started this blog Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire shortly after landing my first book deal. I decided to pay it forward by hosting a blog where I asked published and agented authors all the questions I'd had when I was still aspiring.

This blog has been regularly updated for six years now, taking a lot of my time and attention, with no monetary return. Often I have thought it was time for me to hang it up, but whenever the thought crossed my mind I would get an email from a follower who let me know how the blog had helped them on their publishing journey.

In 2017 I decided that if the blog was going to keep existing it also needed to grow and offer my followers something new. The Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire podcast came from that idea. I am excited to bring this new medium to my followers, but it has also demanded an enormous amount of my time as I set up interviews, record, edit, and go through post-production with each episode. I'm a perfectionist, so I'm editing out filler words, dead air, and anytime that myself or my guest bumble about a bit.

If the blog or podcast have been of any assistance to you in your writing life, I would very much appreciate monetary support so that I can continue to produce them.You can support me by buying me a coffee in exchange for my content through Ko-Fi or PayPal.

New episodes will go up every week! Please follow the podcast to be notified of each new episode, or subscribe through iTunes.

And with that I bring you my first episode! Please enjoy my conversation with Kate Karyus Quinn about writing, publishing, gaining (and losing) an agent, and the pitfalls that exist even once you have a finished book in your hand.