Fan Art Is Good For The Soul

I haven't had a lot of fan art so far, but I do love what I have had... so much so that I keep a Pinterest board of it. I've been word-slinging non-stop since the end of May, and while that's not a complaint (boredom is my worst enemy), I do sometimes have to remind myself that absence can be what makes the heart grow fonder.

So I took a few days off for the 4th of July weekend, partly because I was road-tripping and partly because it was time to separate from GIVEN TO THE SEA for a breather before diving back in for the grand finale. A little bit of space can mean all the difference in delivering a satisfying ending, rather than rushing for the finish line because it's in sight.

But a few days away from the keyboard can also serve to remind you how much easier it is to not write. There's no that's-not-quite-the-right-word-but-I'm-going-forward-anyway syndrome, no idly tearing off your fingernails while waiting for the subplot to tie itself off in your mind, no wondering why that supporting character won't stop trying to steal the page.

So while I was enjoying my freedom, I was also a little sluggish on social-media, taking some true Mindy Time. I picked up my phone and hopped on Twitter at one point to see what was up, and a follower drew my attention to an amazing piece of art by Charlie Bowater that had been inspired by NOT A DROP TO DRINK.


Seeing someone else take put this much care into representing Lynn was pretty awesome, and I have to say I think the art is just breathtaking. Fan art is a good reminder for writers that while writing is a solitary endeavor, the end product is anything but.