Thursday Thoughts

1) Tonsils. Yeah, I've still got mine. They make me miserable. Everyone tells me that having them out as an adult is tantamount to torture, but I'm tempted to call their bluff.

2) Appendix. Yeah, I've still got mine. Everytime I have midsection pain (or mittelschmerz, as we Germans call it) I have to wonder if it's about to blow and poison all my properly functioning innards.

3) Little toes. Yeah, I've still got mine... oh wait, you probably do too. In any case, I'm always stubbing the damn things, and no, we don't really need them. I checked.

4) Eyebrows. Yeah, I've still got mine... despite lots of waxing and tweezing. (And yes, you get four thoughts this week). Ostensibly, our eyebrows are supposed to keep sweat from running directly into our eyes. And yeah, they probably are pretty useful once you think about it. But did you know you're not the only person (uh, thing) benefitting from that? Yep. Something lives up there.

And yes, that last thought was just a random something I've been carrying around in my weird brain for awhile. I just had to back up it with a link.