I'm Doing That Writing Thing Again

So... I hit File>New Document over the weekend.

It was really scary.

There's nothing quite like a white surface to truly make a writer feel inadequate and terrified. But it also stands as a challenge, and my brain was ready to churn out the words.

My last foray into writing a novel is all nicely packaged up, ready for you to get curious about it when September of 2015 rolls around. That one is a Gothic historical thriller set in an insane asylum - very cheery. It was a ton of work to write, research, double-checking, caution with dialogue, moody ambience and tip-toe phrasing.

Kind of like torture with your own brain and a laptop.

So this new thing... it's pretty different. It's the kind of story that might actually pull an Athena and just pop out of my frontal lobe fully formed. Writing a story that wants to be written is a rush, but it's also terrifying in it's own way.

Am I writing this too quickly?
Am I deluding myself that this is decent?
Is it coming too easily to actually be worthwhile?
Is it coming so quickly that I'm not able to capture everything in time?

Answer to all the above is: I don't know.

I'm just going to keep writing. We'll see about the rest.