Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately...

1) I tweeted about this yesterday, but it's still on my mind. Kissing is weird. It goes, "I like you. I'm going to put my mouth on your mouth. Hold still." Seriously - who had this idea in the first place??! It's unnatural. This is why I don't write romance.

2) All the tension and connection and intentions are in our eyes anyway. Honestly it would make more sense to rub eyeballs.

3) So if you follow my Twitter you know I've had a really serious middle ear infection lately, that has had me looking at ear diagrams. The human ear is one effed up thing. Seriously. If you took it out of the body you wouldn't know what it was. Like if you were walking the woods and there was an eyeball on the ground, stalk and all, you'd still be like, "Oh look, an eyeball." If you were walking in the woods and came across an ear you'd be like, "What is this alien snail baby??!?!"

Alien Snail Baby.jpg