Meet the Muse

We all have our processes when it comes to writing, and we all find inspiration in different places.  Some of us like to drink tea while we write, some of us can't have that distraction.  There are writers who have to wear the same shirt every time they sit down in front of the laptop or blank journal pad.


Me - I don't need much. An empty bladder, some free time, and my bed is about it. I'm a dedicated librocubicularist - Latin for someone who reads in bed - and I find that it's true of my writing as well.  Often, I write best with my man at my side - my cat.

The b/f is my b/f, but my cat is my man.  He wandered into my life as a hand me down from the ex-husband's co-worker.  He's been with me through two moves and some major life changes.  He's got paws the size of a Ritz cracker and weighs about 20lbs.  He also shows no signs of aging even though he was an adult when I got him and has been with me for a decade.  I don't know if vampirism is rampant in cats, but I have my suspicions about this guy.

In any case, being a writer I should have a totally awesome, really creative, literary-inspired name for my man, right?  Something like Lovecraft, or Prufrock. No.  His name is - Big Cat.  And to add insult to injury, I usually just call him BC.