Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) People are always saying that they're "trying to lose weight." But it's really hard, believe me I know. I think that's because it's the only thing we actually try to lose. No one ever says they wish they could shed ten more sets of car keys. Maybe we if we condition our brains that losing is a positive thing, it would be easier to skim the fat off.

2) Regardless of where you live, people use the phrase "out of town" to ask if you're not going to be home for a period of time. But I live in the country. So when people ask me if I'm going to be "out of town," I always say, "Yes." I am in a perpetual state of being out of town.

3) The phrase, "I could care less," actually indicates that you do care a little bit. Technically, if you really, really don't give a crap you "couldn't care less."