Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately:

1) I got an iPad for Christmas (thanks, boyfriend). I adore it, but I can't help but wonder why there are virtual finger nubby placements on the F and J?

2) I like watching suspense / mystery films, but someday I'd love to see one with a really complicated plot that doesn't do the end reveal using:
     a) the Big Bad Baddy delivers the starndard My Evil Master Plan & How It Worked Speech right before he dispatches someone
     b) a series of mini-flashbacks with a voiceover to remind the viewer of what happened in the past hour or so or
     c) a character muttering key words aloud to themselves (usually in front of the Big Bad Baddy as they are in the process of figuring out s/he is in fact the BBB) to clue the viewer into their stream of consciousness while putting the pieces together.

3) I miss the '90s. They were pretty awesome. We had ER, The X-Files, grunge music, and one of the best Saturday Night Live casts since the show's inception. Also, style demanded you walk around looking unkempt and slightly bitter, which really suited me.