Thursday Thoughts

I survived one helluva storm last week, so this week's thoughts are related -

1) Among the ruins of one of the trees we found a poor dead birdy who must've been hanging out in his home when his home broke in half and fell over. The weird thing is that while I was stacking wood onto the word cord I found a perfect, unbroken robin's egg nestled into a fork. That egg had fallen at least forty feet onto the ground, been passed over by the chainsaw, somehow avoided the metal head of the wood splitter and was now staring me down over at the wood cord. I have to imagine that the dead adult bird was probably thinking WTF?!?! SERIOUSLY!??!

2) When you live in the country, tornado sirens from town can sometimes be heard over the storm. The complete dead calm that preceded our particular storm last week made it possible for me to hear the sirens coming from three separate towns as I stood in my yard watching clouds rotate right above my head and thinking... WTF!??! SERIOUSLY!?!

3) Smart people own emergency radios powered by hand cranks, requiring no electricity or batteries. Really smart people know exactly where they put them so they can find them in.. um.. an emergency. I am only a smart person. However, I can tell you exactly where I used to store it in my old house. And I was thinking as I ran around my current house looking for it... WTF?!? SERIOUSLY!?!?