Something New From Me In 2015

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you know that I got my first pass pages for my 2015 release, A MADNESS SO DISCREET. First pass pages are the designed book, printed on regular paper, that the author takes a look at to catch any last minute boo-boos. (And yes, some still get by us).

 I'm excited because MADNESS marks something new for me. NOT A DROP TO DRINK came out when everyone was still devouring dystopias and post-apocalyptic fiction, and while I do think it has something different to offer than the plethora of other titles out there, it wasn't exactly going to blaze a new trail in YA. And I can say the same for IN A HANDFUL OF DUST.

But MADNESS is coming out of left field. A Gothic historical thriller set in an insane asylum to follower up to post-apocalytpic books? Yes, I did write that. And I hope you like it.