New Podcast Episode, Packing For LA & Mindy Tries Yoga

It's release week for THIS DARKNESS MINE, something that always seems to creep up on me. Kind of like Christmas. I'm super involved in drafting right now, as well as keeping the blog updated daily and producing a podcast episode once a week. One could argue that I overwork myself.

With that in mind I tried yoga for the first time yesterday. My kickboxing instructor has gone to get a Masters degree (yes, really), my personal schedule has kept me away from circuit training for the past two weeks, and a friend recently started teaching yoga. So I thought, okay, let's do this.

And I did it. I'm past the point in my life where I care about my butt sticking up in the air, but I have not, apparently, matured to the point where I don't find it amusing when someone accidentally farts. No, it wasn't me. If it had been me I would've gone ahead and laughed really loud and made sure everyone knew it happened. But it wasn't me, and no one claimed it, so I had to try really, really hard to not laugh or smile or otherwise shake with mirth while in the downward dog. It's hard. Try it.

Tomorrow morning I leave for LA and the Epic Reads tour that I'll be doing along with some amazing fellow authors, including Kendare Blake and Lauren Oliver. I've never been California, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm even looking forward to the super long flight because I'm on deadline and drafting a super-secret project that hasn't been announced yet.

Keep up with me on Twitter to follow along with the California shenanigans, and check out the newest episode of the Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire podcast below, with guest Elsie Chapman. We talk about the different pressures of writing for yourself versus writing under contract, what should and should not be expected of a writer for marketing, and the ever-present issue of trends.