Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately...

1) I was thinking the other day how insanely jealous I am of the people at the Louvre whose job it is to sit in a building surrounded by amazing art and answer questions from confused people occasionally. Then I realized that's exactly my own job description.

2) The early reviews for NOT A DROP TO DRINK are coming in, and quite a few of them have compared it to The Walking Dead, without zombies. I'm totally flattered, of course, but this also led me to think - wouldn't The Walking Dead without the zombies become simply... The?

3) I want a real house made out of Lego's. How much better would this be? No more kicking the shampoo and conditioner into the bathtub. No more knocking over flowerpots with my elbow. No more wondering where something went. It's right where I left it - because it's stuck there.