Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately:

1) Aren't our bodies amazing? When we crave something it's not because we have promiscuous taste buds. Our bodies are telling us we are missing something we need. How does that work? How does my body know for example, that I need protein and so I crave peanut butter? Or I need potassium, so I want a banana? 

2) Plants are smart. They know when to start growing and when to store their food, to turn towards the sunlight and curl up their leaves to preserve water in the heat. So why do some plants grow so high they can't support themselves anymore, and fall over? Are these the dunce individuals in the plant world?

3) How did windmills work a long time ago? Today they make energy and electricity, but a long time ago I'm pretty sure they were used for moving water. How though? Most old farmsteads had one, and I kinda doubt people who had to spend every second scratching a living took the time to build a massive lawn ornament.