Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately:

1) I keep my house at 70 degrees, either through heating or cooling. So why, during wintertime do I wear pants and sweatshirts inside, but during summer I have shorts and tank tops on? It's the same temperature inside... but my body feels that heat or cold outside.... 

2) Who was the first person to think, "Hey, I wonder what the white stuff coming out of a cow tastes like?" And why cows? Why not horses, or - cats! There's tons of cats in the world, with tons of nipples on them - why don't we milk cats?

3) The universal sign when we want someone to roll their car window down is a fist and a circular motion, like we're turning an invisible handle. But there aren't handles to roll down windows anymore - will this little dash of ASL hang on, or will we soon be making little REDRUM finger motions at each other when we want to talk to someone in a car?