Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately -

1) When I was little I used to think that the world ended when we ran out of space to bury people. Think about it - there's a lot of people and only so much soil. Surely there's a formula to mathematically figure out when the entire earth will be tombstones. And yes, I'm aware you can be cremated. But you can also be composted, if you live in Scandinavia. Yep.

2) But you can't be buried on your own property, that's illegal because of water tables and such. Gone are the good old days of being hauled out to the family plot. This is odd to me. It's my body, but I don't get to say where I want it to go when I'm done with it. I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to do the thing where you are stuck up on a plank in a tree and the birdies get you. Will check on that.

3) It makes me think about placentas. You don't get to keep yours. Yep - that's right. You grew it inside of yourself, you expelled it out of your vagina but it does not belong to you. Because there's a .0000001 chance I might take it home and do stem cell experiments.