Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately...

1) Smell is the most adaptive sense we have. Think about it. If you smell a good or bad smell, and then are around it more than a few minutes you can't smell it anymore. What if touch worked that way? Torture would be ineffective and sex would be obsolete.

2) And speaking of sex - men make sex noises when lifting weights. I don't mind, because I totally get that it does actually help you lift, but I also think that if I did the same thing at the gym it'd be really distracting for them.

3) Pedicures feel good and are also completely undermine your ability to function as a human being. After a few solid workouts post-pedicure I have flappy ripped skin on my feet because it was all completely useless baby-soft skin. Now my feet are not only useless and painful, but the sexy-feet attempt has been undone now that it looks like I have leprosy.