Wild Wednesday

In the desolate world of NOT A DROP TO DRINK the wildlife have regained the upper hand. Coyotes roam during the day and raccoons stand up for a better look at passing humans, not familiar enough with these odd bipeds to be afraid.

My own little desolate corner of Ohio isn't so very unlike DRINK. I wake up regularly in the night to coyotes raucously celebrating another kill and deer stop to stare whenever I walk outside to load the stove. I've popped the lid off the plastic cat food container more than once to find a possum inside. And boy is that ever awesome. I love it every time.

So anyway, I have two trailcams set up in the field behind my house, and I thought I'd share bits and pieces of the humorous, the odd, and the sometimes downright frightening things that pass by in the middle of nowhere...

Here's a nice freezing early-morning shot of two coyotes hanging out near my backyard. Yep. I was so thrilled when I saw them.