Writer, Writer, Pants On Fire Podcast March Roundup Plus Mindy's Best (And Worst) Writing Advice

Publishing can be overwhelming, and for the most part new writers are dropped into the ocean of the business without a lot of idea of what to expect. Agents are there for you, but sometimes you have questions about the most basic of things that maybe you don't want to bother them with (bother them, they don't mind).

Still, knowing is half the battle, and being a new writer often feels like an all-out war against ignorance. I came up with a new weapon for aspiring and newly published authors alike, and introduced it earlier this month.

The Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire podcast - where I interview a published author once a week with questions about their publishing journey, writing process, and careers - has been going well, and I've had quite a few listeners reach out to let me know that it's helped them.

I thought I'd take the last Monday of each month to roundup the episodes, with a little recap.

Enjoy this episode, and please, consider donating to support the show if you're able.