WSJ Article on YA and #yasaves on Twitter

Yes, there's a bandwagon.  And I'm on it.

I usually don't get too involved in being outraged, it tends to leave me exhausted and with oily hair (not sure why).  So when I got on Twitter this morning and saw the YA world had exploded I thought, oh boy, what's the shitestorm now?  Well, it's this article from the Wall Street Journal talking about why the entire YA offering is drivel and shit.

Listen, I'm not going to claim that every single book aimed at teens these days is a Pulitzer contender.  I've seen more than a few that were riding coattails, appealing to the new trend, and yes - going for the sensational route in order to grab those readers.

But condemn us all?  Hmmm... well, that makes me feel... hmm... kinda oily haired.  So, without harping or making a long post about why my writing, and those of my published comrades, is not bottom of the barrel, teen slasher-porn aimed at appealing to the lowest common denominator in order to make a few bucks, I'm just going to tweet under the #yasaves hashtag today as the thoughts come to me, and I invite my followers to do the same.