Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts this week:

1) Librarians are severely misunderstood creatures. If one more person asks me if I'm going to "shush" them, I may just do that. Permanently. I want to state that I have yet to witness a "shushing" librarian. We're a lot cooler than you think. Proof? Check out this Peep Show put together by librarians.

2) I'm still volunteering at the library occasionally and sometimes we do an Inside-Out day at work. I thought about looping sausage links around my body and saying they were intestines, but then I decided I didn't want to have to explain myself all day long.

3) I wonder if I give my cat too much credit. I think he likes me. He chooses to sleep with me, greets me every morning, is ecstatic when I feed him, and always seems happy when I come home. But my ex-husband had all the same characteristics and that didn't end well.