Thursday Thoughts

1) Now that news of my book deal has spread, the students have conferred super-hero powers upon me that I just don't have. They want me to contact authors much higher in the echelon than myself and encourage them to write books faster. They want me to "tell" major publishing houses to move pub dates forward. And lastly, they want me to put bugs in the ears of prominent authors on what exactly their next book should be about. I just tell them I'll get on that.

2) You know how your brain tends to meld things together into a bastardized form of what you're actually thinking about? Today I had a student asking me if SHIP BREAKER had come in yet, along with a kid who was looking for a biography of Sitting Bull. I won't repeat what I ended up saying at the circulation desk while talking to both of them at once, but I will give you the hint that it was craptacular.

3) Migraines have the ability to steal your soul. Migraines while processing books lead to very odd choices in cataloging. Like accidentally putting ATTACK OF THE MONSTER PLANTS in non-fiction. Which led to giggling. Which hurt my head.