Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately:

1) Most people have a TBR pile. I have a TBR room. Yes, Mindy’s house has its own library, and it's stocked (or is that stacked?) I know the librarians are laughing right now... In any case, I have to wonder if I've got the lifespan to read all of them. Is there some kind of program I can use to figure out my reading rate, number of pages in each book, and my life expectancy?

2) When people tell me not to do something I've got to try it at least once to see if they're right. Canning on a smooth stovetop? I got away with it... until last night. Yep. Thought it was a gunshot. In retrospect, my action of running towards the noise was not incredibly intelligent.

3) Actually, once I thought about it, I have a long history of moving in the direction of perceived danger. I think it has something to do with my inability to handle anticipation. However, if the trend continues I imagine it will have an impact on my imaginative algorithm from Thought 1.