A Talent Crush and Some Librarian Humor

So it's really a Tuesday.  The kind of Tuesday that tries to convince you that it's Monday, and lovely Wednesday is not one sleep away.  And in the midst of this Tuesdayness, I get a big 'ol box of happy - in librarian speak - a book order came in.  And now I get to touch them, and smell them, tell them that I love them, and make them mine (with a stamp, lest you misinterpret).

Of course the one that is truly mine isn't here... it's out on submission, waiting to see if it will ever get to be here - or any other librarian's desk, for that matter.  And so, in paging through the pile of happy, looking for certain four letter words, body parts (euphemisms included), and always the word "bed" - 'cause any scene that has that word in the opening paragraph, I probably need to be aware of - I often come across some awesome writing that makes me go - DAMMIT!  Why didn't I think of that?

Stupid talent crushes, making me feel all inadequate.

Dostoevsky also makes me feel inadequate, but that's a given.

But I'm quickly saved from a dark mood of "Mindy Will Never Be Published, Her Inadequacy Knows No Bounds," by some really awful, quite terrible, librarian humor.  Ms. District Librarian and I have a bit of a competition going to see who can make the worst jokes... we're about nine years into it with no clear winner in sight, but many, many losers (those unlucky enough to be around when our flashes of humor get... uh... flashed).

Today's Bad Librarian Humor?

DL: I'm trying to talk a student out of attempting too broad of a topic.  He wants to write his research paper on both hunting and fishing.

Me:  Doesn't he know they're two totally different animals?

Yarggity Yar!!