Chapter One, In Which I Become Agented

A minor Victorian literature shout out, as I kind of miss titled chapters.

I record that I am agented!  It's been a long journey, It began with tears - I'm not too proud to admit that the first rejection I received unmanned me completely (not terribly difficult, as I'm female) - and ended with me peeing my pants.  The result: a decade later I'm dehydrated.

So - why Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire? 

Because I'm writing fiction... and essentially that means I'm asking my readers to invest their time in fake stories about people who don't exist.  I'm a liar, and hopefully a good one.  Sure, *whips out the English and Religion degrees from behind her back* I'm tapping into the collective subconscious to reveal a deeper truth, but hopefully you don't feel that tap. 

Follow me, and I do promise I'll lead you somewhere strange and awesome!

Leave me a message, email me, and come back to the blog, which is sooooo a work in progress.  I've got some agent interviews lined up already, posts planned about the writing process, a really random contest in the works... and whatever else occurs to me.