Feminism and Insults

Writing and reading YA, plus spending the 40/wk with teens means that I usually know what insults are being bandied about at the moment. Some of them are funny, some of them are horrific, and the tried-and-true are still holding strong.

Something that I've noticed about the old standbys of Insultland is that the ones generally reserved for males are actually directed at their mother, not at the fella himself.


1) SOB - Well, duh
2) Bastard - implies that mom is loose
3) MF'er - it takes two to tango

And my personal fav, not necessarily related to mothers:

4) D-bag - what you're really saying is, "Hey! You're a really useful tool for personal hygiene."

But yeah... still female oriented.

So, to counteract this I've come up with a whole slew of male oriented insults that are quite fun. I won't be sharing them on the blog though. If you really want to know you'll just have to read my books to dig out those little gems of wisdom.

I will add though, that I don't think those time-tested insults will be going anywhere soon, and my own creative and amusing insults will probably only be flashes in the proverbial pan. So, instead of trying to force my new slang into the mainstream I'm going to embrace the negativity of feminine wordage and start calling everyone I don't like a "menstruater."