Getting To Know You, Getting To Hope You Like Me

I thought I'd do one of those pathetic ice-breaker things that most social gatherings require in order to loosen the tension. Except that when I answers them, it actually tends to ratchet up the tension as those in my close proximity quickly realize that I'm not quite right.

The questions:

Q: What one book would you take with you to a deserted island?
A: I choose to eat puffer fish and die.

Q: What three historical figures living or dead do you want to have dinner with?
A: 1) Jack the Ripper, 'cause I wanna know who the bastard is.
     2) Julius Caesar. He was ridiculously intelligent and charismatic, a reader, a writer, a soldier, and by all accounts, pretty damn hot. Those guys only come along once in a millenia, and I was born in the wrong one.
     3) One of my ancestors, Delilah. In 1825 her father appointed her the executor of his will, even though he had two adult sons and she was a young, unmarried woman. That alone tells me she must've been something. But on top of that, her son later become one of only eight people to have ever been lynched in Ohio. What'd he do?

He was an axe murderer :)