Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately...

1) I was at the gym the other day and some boys in a class of small children were releasing barbaric YAWPs, running across the floormats and throwing themselves into the padded wall. I was thinking to myself that it looked terribly fun, and I wanted to join them. But when a middle-aged woman does that, it's not cute.

2) With the resurrected fandom of Sherlock Holmes screaming for more, I don't understand why there isn't a massive demand for a re-release of The Great Mouse Detective. I distinctly remember having a child-crush on Basil. But then again I was also in love with Justin from Rats of NIMH so I may have a rodent fetish.

3) I just signed my name to 325 letters that will be going out to Ohio public libraries. You know the point you hit when a repeated word has lost all meaning? When it's your own name it causes an existential crisis.