Rely On Your Crit Partner... In All Things

So, after writing a post about how much we need to respect and rely on our crit partners, I then completely dismissed my own advice. I wrote a promotional letter to all the public libraries in Ohio, talking about how NOT A DROP TO DRINK is based in an Ohio environment. I had a 30 second time period where I thought, "I should send this off to RC and have her glance over it." Then I thought, "Nah, come on Mindy. You can write three paragraphs all by yourself - and you want to get this done!"

After thus reassuring myself I gleefully printed off 250 copies, signed them all, then stuffed (and sealed) about 175 of them with the letter, a shelf-talker and my business card. And on #176 I folded up that bottom section of the trifold, squaring up with the same line I'd done 175 times prior to that... except I actually looked at it this time.

And spotted a typo.

Yep. I printed, signed, stuffed and sealed a typo. Kind of a funny one too. I said that my book is about a time when water is scare. As in - BOO!!! No, it's not scarce. Don't be silly. It's SCARE!

The good news:

  • I didn't mail the typo letters

  • I didn't put address labels on them

  • I didn't put stamps on them

The bad news:

  • I wasted ink

  • I wasted paper

  • I wasted envelopes

  • I had to UNstuff all 175 of them to get my tent card and business cards back out

  • Most importantly I wasted TIME!

Time is something I don't have right now. School starts in less than two weeks. My garden is in shambles. I haven't done nearly enough research for my WIP. I need to prep my blog in advance. I have interviews to answer. And oh - I'm debuting soon. Time is the most important thing to me right now, and I just wasted it.

Oh if only I'd emailed RC and waited the three minutes for her to read, answer, and undoubtedly find my typo.

Big sigh.

But hey - in other news - it's not just text of me being an ass that you get today. If you want to see me on the catwalk (yes, on the catwalk) I'm participating in #NovelFashionWeek. I put together a little video about Dressing For Survival.

Enjoy me being an ass - yet again.