Lazy Days

Awhile ago I talked about making shit happen. I’m still a big fan of that, but I’m also the occasional fan of not doing jack shit.

And I think we need those days, as writers and as people.

One of the most commonly quoted pieces of writing advice that I strongly disagree with is write every day.

I don’t write every day. I try to approach writing as a real job, and that means you get the weekends off. It also means that every now and then you’re really sick of it and kind of feel like you’d rather stab yourself in the face than go to work.

And you know what? That’s OK.

Yesterday was one of those days for me. Even if I’m not going to write I try to find something that will take me a little closer to the goals I’ve set for myself. This week is supposed to be the genesis of my first vlog.

So I decided I needed to do some vlogging attempts. Which meant doing my hair. And I really didn’t want to do my hair. So I didn’t.

Then I thought I should probably write up the review of the book I finished yesterday. But I didn’t feel like doing that either. So I didn’t.

Instead I figured I’d go ahead and jump into the new ARC that I want to read and review. But I was kind of sleepy. So I didn’t.

I took a nap. And I liked it.

I woke up kind of sweaty and smelly, totally disoriented and with my hair wrapped around my neck like a noose. It was a great nap. The kind where you have no idea where you are when you wake up. I needed that nap, and I don’t feel bad about taking it.

So what if it means I’ve got more goals for today?

Today I feel like making shit happen.