Reality, Get a Grip on Me!

As I wandered yesterday in a writing daze I managed to lose my car.  Yeah, really.  And I don't mean like in a big parking lot or anything.  I went to the bank, to do bank - like things, PARKED the car there, then WALKED over to the post office to do PO-like things, then walked out of the PO and into their parking lot, and stood there dumbstruck while I tried to figure out where my car was.

I was two seconds from reporting my car stolen when I happened to see it sitting in the bank's parking lot, right next door.  I imagine it was thinking, "Owner!  Owner!  Here I am!  If only I could draw attention to myself somehow - nevermind that fact that I'm hulking piece of machinery directly in your line of sight!"

Sigh... so what's your story?  Do you ever indulge in acts of idiocy while an awesome scene is playing out in your head?