There's A Monster Under My Bed

No really, there is.

It's a trunked ms, and it's like an ex-boyfriend that you know has serious issues, but he's got a great voice so you keep taking his calls. Yeah, it's like that.

So my goal for this Thanksgiving break was to give that monster ex-boyfriend an attitude adjustment, make him see his wrongdoings and wrangle him into good shape. In other words, he graduated from under the bed to in the bed. But don't misinterpret that last bit; it's where I do my writing. :)

This particular ms was suffering from some tense issues. Every now and then my 1st POV narrator wanted to slip into present tense while speaking about the past. I call it The Wonder Years Syndrome. In my head, it worked. But every one of my betas was like, "Dude, you've got a tense issue here." And I was like, "No, it's The Wonder Years Syndrome." But that never seemed to be a sufficient explanation.

And after leaving Monster Ex-Boyfriend under the bed for a year I have to admit, that yeah - it doesn't work. Betas are good people. Mine are very patient on top of that.

Hopefully my tough love knock-down drag-out did the trick. Awaiting feedback...