Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately:

1) We've talked before about outdated universal hand signals, which fired another synapse in the BBC brain. When we want to silently signal to someone to stop what they're doing (talking on the phone, misbehaving, irritating us, etc) we tell them to cut it out by drawing our hand across our throat in a slashing motion. What we're actually saying to them is, "I'm going to kill you."

2) If you walk on the beach long enough, you get a free pedicure. Just an FYI, everybody.

3) The ride inside the Epcot ball ends with a view of Earth from space and a fantastic array of stars. On my second spin I was trying to figure out if they were accurately placed. Hard to do since I've never seen the night sky from a non-Earth angle. However, since Epcot is a science based place, it'd be pretty damn ironic if they weren't.