The House of Writing Metaphors - Wall Mounted Light & Partner In Crime, the Register

As mentioned before, there is a fixture trying to kill me in the Bathroom of Self-Loathing. And no, it's not the usual case of me being overly dramatic. This lovely little piece of business is a fan of being manually turned on, and its devastatingly understated buddy, Mr. Metal Register, is fond of just lying there and waiting for you to step on him. Together, they create an electric partnership that can quite literally, shock you.


Yeah, I know, there's definitely something not quite right going on there, and I should do the normal thing and call an electrician. Somehow it's more fun to explain to unsuspecting visitors the proper way to use the bathroom without being injured.

Also, when I first discovered this dynamic duo I didn't quite understand what had happened. In order for the circuit to be complete, I had to be barefoot, standing on the register, and touching the light switch. Some wild test runs that had me fearing I was crazy (and had the b/f totally convinced) proved that all factors had to be present.

Inspiration can be like that - fast, unexpected, and hard to recreate later. If you're lucky enough to have figured out exactly where your foot needs to be, what you should be wearing, and where to put your hands in order to get that imaginative electric shock, then you are one lucky individual.

Do you have an inspiration process? Is there a routine you keep to with your writing that helps?