The House of Writing Metaphors - The Superfluous Banister

Today on Mindy’ HoWM - (House of Writing Metaphors) we're going to talk about plot. And my superfluous banister.


I'm not really sure where this guy came from. I'm guessing there's a staircase behind this wall, but I haven't gotten around to tearing it down yet, because unlike the banister the wall is not superfluous. So it's just a bit of my quirky house that I've become accustomed to, not really noticing it anymore until someone new comes over and says, "Uh???"

Even though it's not attached to stairs, my banister does serve a purpose. I'm a Pantster writer - the kind who sits down in front of the WIP and says, "OK brain, what happens today?" Usually the brain has a pretty good idea, or at least enough bullshit sitting in there for my hands to process before the real words start flowing.

But sometimes... sometimes the brain just looks at me and says, "What? You haven't been taking your vitamins and now you want me to fix this massive plot stuck? Sorry, lady." And then I'm left wondering what the internet has to say to me today, and we all know what a massive time-suck that is.

Being a Pantster is great because it allows you total freedom. Wanna kill someone? Go ahead! She's pregnant? Who knew! But there are times when I envy the Planner's nice outline that always tells them where the staircase is, and how many steps are in it. Namely, when I grab on tight to that plot and it runs me straight into a wall.

The Superfluous Banister reminds me that not planning means my plot might not always take me down the right path, but if I can break through that wall, there's bound to be some stairs behind it.

Are you a Planner or a Pantster? Do you envy the other side?