How Trends Impact Publishing & The Literary Agent Hunt: An Interview With Rachel Pudelek

Today’s guest is Rachel Pudelek who joins host Mindy McGinnis to talk about querying, the agent hunt, and how heavily trends impact both. Other topics inlcude common writing advice they both hate, as well as tempting the possibility of creative burnout when you write every day.

Sara Raasch: Marketing Your Book

Today’s guest is Sara Raasch author of the New York Times bestselling YA fantasy trilogy SNOW LIKE ASHES, and the upcoming STREAM RAIDERS series. Sara joins host Mindy McGinnis to talk about how the concept for her SNOW LIKE ASHES series was originally something she worked on as a teenager, and how intensely personal books can be for the author. Also covered: how to market yourself as a debut author, the power of cover art, writing a trilogy versus writing a duology and the unique challenges within each, and how to keep multiple POV voices distinct from one another.